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Mr. Durwood Weston, CCAI Cisco Academy Instructor and the Business Division Systems Administrator

Mr. Weston has an Associates Degree in Business Computer Programming from BCCC and a BS/BA in Decision Sciences from ECU. He ran Weston's Garage in Blounts Creek from 1964 until Dec. 1985 when he was in an accident and had to retrain.

He has been an Instructor/Technician at BCCC, Business Division since he started part time teaching in 1993. Today he manages the network, labs, and staff computers for the Business Division and assists faculty and students with troubleshooting problems.

Mr. Weston is married and has four children and five grandchildren. He is a member of Elizabeth Chapel Church of Christ in Blounts Creek where he teaches Adult Sunday school. He is an Honorary member of Blounts Creek Fire and Rescue where he still volunteers his time and talents. His hobbies include listening to Blue Grass, computer repair and maintenance for the neighborhood, faculty, staff and student assistance with home units.

Durwood S Weston Sr, Instr./Tech.
Beaufort County Community College
Business Division
5337 Highway 264 East
Washington, NC 27889

Office: Building 2, 131A
Phone: (252) 940-6336
Fax: (252) 940-6494

eMail: durwoodw@beaufortccc.edu

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