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Beaufort County Community College currently has four racks of routers, switches, and simulators for student training and practice.

Rack1 - Basic router practice, 5 Cisco 2500 series routers and 2 Cisco 1900 Switches allow students to configure basic protocols including RIP, IGRP, and EIGRP.

Rack2 - Advanced router practice, 5 Cisco 2600 Modular Routers and 2 Cisco 2590 layer-3 Catalyst Switches allow students to do more advanced configurations focusing on Single Area OSPF, Frame Relay and Layer-2 VLAN configurations.

Rack3 - ISDN Simulation; This rack uses 4 Cisco 2503 Routers and two 804 SOHO Routers with BRI and POTS (Telephone) interfaces with Basic Rate Interfaces (BRI) and a Adtran Atlas 500 ISDN/Frame Relay Simulator.  This lab allows students to practice Wide Area Network (WAN) Technologies. *This Rack is use to introduce students to the basics of Token Ring.

Rack4 - ATM Introduction; This rack has Cisco Light Stream 1010 ATM switch, two Cisco AS5300 Access Routers with PRI Interfaces, VoIP support (*future topic) and two Catalyst 5005 Layer-3 Switches.  This lab allows students to be introduced to basic ATM protocols, fiber optics, and Layer-3 switching.


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