BCCC Emergent Technology Lab (ETL)


Working Definition:
Emerging technology can be defined as tools, concepts, innovations, and advancements utilized in diverse educational settings to serve varied educational related purposes.

Purpose of Emergent Technology Lab:

  • Increase opportunities for all students and faculty to have access to technology based content, resources, and instructional tools.

  • Provide training and support for students and faculty to increase effectiveness of distance learning.

  • Help improve student academic achievement through the use of technology.

  • Improve capacity of faculty to effectively use technology in an integrative way to drive instruction, engage students, and increase achievement.

The Emergent Technology Lab at Beaufort County Community College is multi-functional, leveraging the expertise of the LRC/DL staff. The lab serves as a training /teaching lab as well as a point of access. The concept of the Emergent Technology Lab addresses technology enabled learning, online course enhancement, course options, student support services (library, learning resources etc.) and access.

The library is open and staffed 56 hours per week, providing access after other areas of the campus are closed. iPad checkout is already integrated into the library circulation software making it easy for the staff to track usage and ensure the safety of the devices.

The LRC/DL staff is responsible for the majority of technology training on campus; Blackboard, audio/video, teleconferencing (NCIH), podcasting, information literacy, and mobile devices. The Emergent Technology Lab is is used by all students, faculty, and staff campus- wide, with emphasis on the students targeted in the Alliance curriculums. The LRC/DL staff will tailor training sessions to meet the needs of these students as requested by their instructors.

The lab is used for training instructors on various technologies and is available for instructors to use for teaching/learning/creating digital content.