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Contact for Blackboard Technical Issues

Penny Sermons, Director, LRC and Distance Learning,  
Phone: 940-6243
Tricia Woolard, Coordinator of Educational Media/Graphic Services and Blackboard Administrator


Saundra Pinkham, Librarian
Phone: 940-6354

Course Issues
Contact your Instructor

Contact for Email 

Brown McFadden, Network Administrator
Phone: 252-940-6302

Remote Access (Netstorage)

You can access your "home directory from the internet by going to and logging in with your Novell UserID and password.

Brown McFadden, Network Administrator

Classroom and lab Logins

Faculty log in to Classroom Instructor Stations with their regular Novell User Account (rather than "Projection user") The old projection user account is still available in case of problems with the PC. Please let me know if you have problem logging into a classroom workstation using your faculty account.

Students are asked to continue to login to the labs with their student accounts (lastnameFM9999) just as we did last semester.

Patrons in the LRC are asked to use the patron accounts to access computer resources, the Patron Account is based on your Library Card's last 6 digits - P123456 with a password of the patron's last name in lower case.

PC Support Ticketing

We now have a web based PC Support Ticketing system. If you can not get in touch with a technician you can place a trouble call by clicking on to open a new ticket or check progress of an existing ticket.

The Logon will be your normal Novell User ID with a temporary password of "changeme" (You can change the password once you logon) Once a ticket is placed you will automatically receive email updates of progress on your request.

**If your CustomerID is not found please give me a call and we can get it added.

Brenda Rogers
Phone: 940-6396

Mike Waters
Phone: 940-6385

Video Conferencing

Doug Stalls, Coordinator of Audiovisuals & Electronic Distance Learning

Hours: Monday thru Thursday -  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Friday - 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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