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What is BCCC student email?
Microsoft Office 365

Who can use student email?
Student Email is available to all BCCC registered curriculum students.

How soon will my student email be available to me after I register?
Since the registration process is an ongoing activity that is very fluid in nature, the drop add procedure presents a challenge to having the email accounts available instantly for those affected students. Supplemental loads will be done as numbers warrant over the registration period, throughout the first two weeks of the semester.

How do I log into the student email system?
You may access Student Email by using the  link on the BCCC home page or on the Distance Learning page. You may also go directly to the login screen at on the Student Email page.

Is there a more direct way of accessing my student email account?
Student Email can be directly accessed by going to

What’s my User Name/Password?
User Name: last name + first initial + middle initial + 2-digit month-of-birth + 2-digit day-of-birth
Example: For John Q. Public born 01/23/1991 the username would be

last six digits of SS#.

What is my email address?
Your email address will be your
last name + first initial + middle initial + 2-digit month-of-birth + 2-digit day-of-birth
For John Q. Public born 01/23/1991 the email address would be:


Can I send attachments with my email?
You can send documents as attachments to emails.

Can I access BCCC email off campus?
Yes. You go to to log in and check your email from any location that has internet connection. 

Can I receive 3rd party email? 
Many Internet Service Providers allow the redirection of email to alternate locations.

Can I have more than one email account?
Yes, but the student is encouraged to use the Student email account for class communication in Blackboard. It is important your instructor knows what email account you will be using for their class.

How long will I have an email account?
As long as you are a registered student at BCCC.

Who do I contact for help with my email account?
Please contact Whiting Toler at 252-940-6334. Please be prepared to name your internet service provider (America OnLine, Microsoft Network, EarthLink, Cox, TriCounty, etc), its local telephone dial-up number and support number, your PC operating system (Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, etc) and any messages you may have received when attaching to

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