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Microsoft Office 365 Overview 

Email Log-in 

What is my Email Address 

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BCCC Student Login Reference

Beaufort County Community College offers registered curriculum students an email account to use while enrolled at BCCC.  BCCC uses Microsoft Office 365 to receive mail messages, appointments, tasks, notes, and attached files.

Your student email account will not be available until after the first day of class.

To log in to Microsoft Office 365

Click on the Student Email Log-in link on the Home page. Click on the Student Email Log-in link in the green bar at the top of this page.

Login Procedure:

User Name: last name + first initial + middle initial + 2-digit birth month + 2-digit day-of-birth @

Example: For John Q. Public born 01/23/1991 the username for email would be publicjq0123

*NOTE: If you cannot successfully login using the method above try dropping your middle initial and just use your lastname + firist initial + 2-digit birth month + 2 digit birth day-of-month

*Password:  enter just your last six digits of your social security number.

Example: 654321

Once you enter your User Name and Password, click on Login. You will now be logged onto the BCCC Microsoft Office 365 student email.

What is my email address?
Your email address is your (username)

For John Q. Public born 01/23/1991 the email address would be: 

*Your Blackboard Username does not include your email address. See logging into Blackboard.



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