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GroupWise Log-in

Changing Your Password



WebAccess Users Guide (PDF)



GroupWise - Campus Email
If you are a part-time instructor and would like a campus email address you will need to ask your Division Chair to request a campus email address for you.

Changing Your GroupWise Password

Changing passwords is a TWO step process: (I do encourage that you keep the same password for both, but this is not required)

You can change your GroupWise Email password by:

Step 1
Clicking on "TOOLS"
then on "OPTIONS"
Picking SECURITY from the POP-UP "Security Options" Box
Entering your CURRENT Password and then typing you NEW Password twice.

You change you Novell and Workstation Passwords by:

Step 2
Make sure your are Logged onto Novell
From your Desktop, PRESS "Control-Alt-Delete" keys
The Client shows that you have 2 accounts (THE NDS or Novell Account and your Workstation Account)
Entering your CURRENT Password and then typing you NEW Password twice.

Blocking Pop-ups

NOTE: Do you have a toolbar installed (i.e. Google, or Yahoo) or any other application that may "block pop-up" advertisements?
If so, you may try disabling the pop-up blocking feature of your toolbar or uninstalling the toolbar. To turn off pop-up blocking in Internet Explorer 6.), click on Tools, Pop-Up Blocker>Turn Off Pop-Up Blocker.


Brown McFadden, Network Administrator


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