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Drop/Add Guidelines for Online and Hybrid Students

When paid students drop courses (online and hybrid) before the 10% point, they will be removed from the Blackboard database upon notification from the Registrar or instructor. Paid students who remain in courses after the 10% point (even though they withdraw) can be counted for FTE. At this point, the students who have withdrawn will be blocked after the Blackboard Administrator receives email notification from the Instuctor in accordance with the policy stated in the BCCC catalog. This procedure prevents students from accessing the course but allows the information to remain in the course and to be available for auditing purposes.

Students are added to a course by the Blackboard Administrator upon receiving notification from the instructor, the Registrar, or receiving a signed registration form from the student (with Datatel verification). The instructor will need to supply the students full name and birth date along with the last six digits of the students SS#.

Students are downloaded into the class the first day of class by the Blackboard Administrator

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