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Most recent known issues with 9.1 - 3/19/2013

Quick Setup Guide will not Hide after selecting the Hide option. - Know issue, will be corrected when new patch is released.

File Naming
In order to avoid errors when downloading or grading files in Blackboard, please follow (and encourage your students to follow) these guidelines:
• Use only letters, numbers and underscores (_) in file names.
• Don't use spaces, commas, pound signs (#), question marks, equal signs, dashes or any other special characters in your file names.
• File names should be 60 characters or less in length.

Recommended browser for Blackboard 9.1 is Firefox.

Windows 7
Problems with Windows 7 being compatible with older programs.
Help with Windows 7 Compatibility issues.

Blackboard 9 and 9.1 Issues

Course Move Content Tool Issue
New issues
in Blackboar 9.1
Gradebook not loading - Clear Cache|
Using the Windows Media Player plug-in with Firefox
Changing download actions

Resources Unavailable Error on Home Page - (For Instructors Only)
1. Go to your Control Panel
2. Click on Customization
3. Click on Tool Availability
4. Find the Module Page line in this list
5. Check the box all the way over to the right (under Available in Content Area column) and submit

Now when a student logs in and the Home Page is your default page they will not get an error.

Invalid File Error While Submitting Assignments

Receiving and error message "Please enter a valid file" when trying to submit a file when using the Assignment Feature.

Using anything other than Internet Explorer (version 8 or 7), Firefox version 3.0 or Opera 10 will receive this error.

At this time Safari and Firefox 3.5 work on Mac OS. This seems to be a Windows issue ONLY*.

*Linux has not been tested as of yet.Work Around
For now, we do not recommend upgrading to Firefox 3.5, Firefox 3.0 will work with the assignment feature file submission. If you have upgraded to Firefox 3.5 and would like to uninstall 3.5 and reinstall 3.0 please follow these instructions:

1.Download previous Firefox version 3.0.13 - do not install.
2.Uninstall vers. 3.5 through Add/Remove in your control panel.
4.Re-install vers. 3.0.13.
If you use Google Chrome, Opera or Safari for Windows you will at this time have to use either Internet Explorer version 8 or 7 or Firefox 3.0 to submit assignments using the Assignment Feature.

Browsers supported

Timer in the way of the submit button when taking a quiz in Blackboard? It is recommended that you use FireFox for your browser or Internet Explorer version 7. Internet Explorer 8 does not work effectively at this time with Vista or a wireless connection. You may get kicked out of the browser in the middle of a test. To check to see what version of IE you have on your computer, click on the "Help" link at the top of your IE browser and then click on "About Internet Explorer" you will see the version number listed. To download Firefox go to It is free. You can have both browsers installed on your computer. Firefox is the recommended browser for Blackboard.
If your students are having issues with the test timer covering the submit button, the problem is a compatibility issue between Internet Explorer 8 and Blackboard. Other Web browsers, such as Firefox, and other operating systems, such as Microsoft Vista, may generate this issue, as well. Here is one possible solution with a link to a tutorial on how correct the issue.

Text Version: If you are running IE 8 follow these steps:
1. Select tools
2. Select compatibility view.

This should force the yellow box (elapsed timer) to resize to the intended dimensions.

Icon Legend

The icon legend appears off-screen. This happens in some views of the Grade Center. This also affects students. If students click on My Grades and then the Icon Legend, they have no way of seeing what the icons mean. This is listed as a known bug and Blackboard is working on a resolution.

Wireless Connections
Students may have problems with getting bounced out of quizzes or exams because of losing their internet connection. This seems to be more common now with the increased use of Wireless Internet Connections. Wireless connections aren't always reliable because they tend to get interrupted easier than a “hard wired” connection. We STRONGLY ADVISE students not to use a wireless connection while taking quizzes, tests, mid-terms, final exams, etc., and have suggested that if possible, it is better if they use a "hard wired" connection to limit the chances that they will loose an Internet connection while in the middle of taking an assessment.

Blackboard Issues in General

Blackboard and Microsoft 2007 Issues (htm)

Naming Files
Any filename that has dashes, space between each word or any special characters. should not be used when naming your attached files in Blackboard. If you use this method your attachments may show up as blank pages when opened. Remember to keep filenames limited to 8 characters and as one word using lowercase.

Printing Issues
Printing from IE 7.0 browser (PDF)
Prevent students from printing test  (PDF) Instructors Only
Tips for preventing cheating Instructors only
Problems with testing using IE browser (PDF)

Problems Opening New Office 2007 Documents
Download the converter (PDF)

Quiz timer does not show up in IE 7.0 browser (PDF)
Accessing a Quiz using IE 7.0 browser

General Test Taking Tips

Text Box Editor Problem
Internet Explorer 7 has been tested and rated as compatible with the Blackboard 7.0 However end users must add the Blackboard web address to their list of trusted sites in Internet Explorer 7. If Blackboard is not in the list of trusted sites, the Visual Text Box Editor will not function correctly. The formatting and content controls will appear, but the text box itself will appear broken.
Text Box Problem (PDF)

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