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Emerging Technologies

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An Interactive Guide to Resources For Distance Learning

Distance Learning Rehab Sessions

Some Tutorials require the Flash Plug-in or the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Blackboard Tutorials

Required Training Workshop (Mediasite)

Blackboard 9.1 SP14

Known Issues
Changes with SP8 - Tricia Woolard
Content Area
Creating Course Content

Blackboard 9.1

The following tutorials will allow faculty to familiarize themselves with the features and functionality of Blackboard Learn 9.1.  The Blackboard manuals listed on this page contain a complete set of documentation for using the system while the Getting started guides focus on specific tasks.  The Blackboard On-Demand Learning Center provides additional documentation (including videos) that will acclimate the instructor to the latest version of Blackboard.

Known Issues

What's New (PDF)
On Demand Learning Center Tutorials

Instructors Guide 9.1
User Guide 9.1
Content Management Guide
Safe Assign Instructors Guide (PDF)

Course Environment
Course Environment Tour
Getting Started with Course Environment (PDF)
Creating a Mashup
Adding Textbook Information to your course

Getting started with Course Content (PDF)
Creating a Lesson Plan

Getting started with Building a Test (PDF)
Blackboard Test Creation Tips (PDF)

Getting started with Assignments (PDF)
Safe Assign Instructors Guide (PDF)

Grade Center
Getting started with the Grade Center (PDF)
Handout (PDF)
Adding Grades
Showing, hiding, freezing and moving columns
Weight grades
Downloading from Grade Center

Getting started with Groups (PDF)

Blackboard Learn 9 - video tutorial of new features

Quick Tutorials
New Features
Getting Started
Instructors Manual (PDF)
BB9 Quick Start Quide
Understanding and Building Your Course
Communicating And Collaborating
Assessing Learners

Adding a File
Customize Menu
Adding and Modifying Groups
Creating Blogs and Journals
Archiving Your Course (PDF)

Changing the Default Page - You can change the default entrance page by going to the Control Panel area and click on "Customizations", Styles, and scroll down to #4. Select from the dropdown box what you want the entry page to be.

Adding an Assignment
Creating a SafeAssignment
Downloading an Assignment
Entering a grade for an assignment
Clearing an assignment attempt

Tests Surveys and Pools (Scroll down page to see topic)
Using Assessment Manager
Creating test
Making a test available
Using the Pool Manager
Create a test from a Pool
Upload test questions

Creating a Blog

Creating a Journal

Emerging Technologies

NCCCS Technology Center
The purpose of the NCCCS Technology Center is to enhance and enrich the distance learning experience while engaging the distance learner.  This is to be accomplished by exploring and collaborating on current and emerging technologies that impact distance learning.  The consortium is responsible for identifying the technologies and sharing them in a manner that is understandable and accessible to all faculty and staff in the NCCCS. 

*What is Web 2.0?
The term WEB 2.0 is used to describe a web created by users themselves... where people contribute to blog websites, video websites, podcast websites, social websites, Wikipedia, and a number of different things.

*Creating a Blog
*Step-by-Step (PDF)
Blog stands for "Web Log"...a web version of a personal journal or newsletter that is available to the public. It is essentially a series of chronological entries on a topic or various topics that is created by one or more contributors. There are many free blogging sites. The most popular is

*Creating a Podcast
Intro to Podcasting (PowerPoint)
A Podcast is a media file that is distributed by subscription (paid or unpaid) over the Internet using syndication feeds, for playback on mobile devices and personal computers. A student or faculty member does not have to have an iPod or mp3 player to listen or view a podcast. Virtually any online capable computer will do. To make a podcast, all you really have to do is record an audio file and make it available for people to download or listen to online.


Audacity is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. Used for converting podcast recordings.

Software which captures screen shots, video and audio, create tutorials etc.
What is Camtasia? (PDF)
How do I get my Camtasia Movies into Blackboard? (PDF)

Course Management Software (CMS) - BCCC uses this software for online course delivery.

Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a free, Open Source software package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators create effective online learning communities.

itunesU - an educational repository of lectures specific to your school. Users can easily search, download, and play course content that instructors have posted in Blackboard.

*Smart Board Basics
Smart Board Interactive Basics (PDF)

Online Tools

Web 2.0

The Best New Free Ipod Apps

8 Must-Have Education Apps for the iphone

*Already in place or accessible from campus. For more training contact Tricia Woolard.

Tips & Tricks

General Information
* Creating a successful Blackboard course (PDF)
* Library services for e-learning
* Tips on Teaching with Blackboard (PDF)
Developing an online course (PDF)
* Important Check List for Instructors (PDF)
* Copyright Fair Use Information (PDF)
* HTML Basics (PDF)
* Learning Outcomes & Assessments (PDF)
* Introduction to Teaching and Learning with technology (PDF)

Discussion Board
8 ways to get students engaged in online discussion (PDF)

Saving PowerPoint to outline view in Word  (PDF)
Saving PowerPoint as a website (PDF)

Prevent students from printing a test

Orientation tips (PDF)

Quiz Generators
College of Southern Idaho


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