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Getting Started Lib Guide for Blackboard Online Students

Blackboard classes are not available until the first day of class.

After-Hours Support 24/7 Blackboard Support
Blackboard ONLY!

If you have any questions email Blackboard Administrator.

ccessing your Blackboard courses:

Click on LOGIN button.

Enter Username: last name + first initial + middle initial + 2-digit birth month + 2-digit day-of-birth.
Example: For John Q. Public born 01/23/1991 the username would be publicjq0123

Enter Password: last six digits of your social security #. (If you registered late, you may have to wait 24 hours before course access is available).

You will access a screen called My Institution. All
courses that you are enrolled in and other valuable information will be listed on this page. Look under the column, My Courses, click on your class and enter the course.

Once you are in the course:

Bookmark Blackboard log-in page.

Navigate through the course clicking on the left-hand links to familiarize yourself with the course.

It is a good idea to print out your course and related materials.

Please keep in mind that Internet courses are a commitment of time and hard work just like a traditional course. Students must set aside the appropriate amount of time to successfully complete all assignments and learn course competencies.




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