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Introductory Enrollment Assignment for Census Report

In order to meet the requirements of auditors, online courses must reflect evidence of a written assignment submitted by the 10% date each semester.

The Introductory Enrollment Assignment will be in each Online course as an assignment with a due date prior to the census date, consequently, showing up in the BB Grade Book. The report feature of the grade book will make it possible to retrieve this data. The (DL staff) will run the reports after the 10% date.

Instructors will be responsible for putting the assignment in each of their courses. Students will have to submit the completed assignment as an attachment in BB. Each instructor will have to grade the assignment by the census date. This is a template which can be customized, etc. by the instructor. The assignment will be our way of providing evidence of a written assignment.

Hybrid classes only need to make sure they take attendance in class before the 10%. They do not have to have the Introductory assignment in their course.

Demo for placing the Assignment in Blackboard.(WMV)

Instructions (PDF)

Assignment(Word Document)

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