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Before you enroll in an online class at BCCC you should be comfortable demonstrating the competencies listed below:
  • Be familiar with the Windows environment.
  • Connect to the Internet or an online service.
  • Identify and use icons, menus and directories/subdirectories
  • Start an application and create and save a document
  • Name, save, retrieve, revise a document, and attach a file
  • Use printing options
  • Know how to save to a flash drive or cloud storage.
  • Create and name folders and subdirectories
  • Save, open, place documents inside folders or subdirectories
  • Open and work with more than one application at a time
  • Attach a file and send it to instructor or open an attached file.
  • Open and read PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Access and use resources on the Internet and the World Wide Web.
  • Use electronic mail (compose, send, retrieve, read, respond, and forward messages, and attach files)
  • Obtain/maintain account on the Internet or an on-line service that provides Internet access.
  • Connect a computer to a modem and telephone line for dial-in access.


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