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Beaufort County Community College provides and supports adequate library collections and other learning/information resources to sustain the degrees offered and to meet the needs of all its educational, research and public service programs. The purpose of the Learning Resources Center is to enrich the teaching/learning process of the College and the community by providing instructional support, resources, and equipment in Media/Graphics, Audiovisual, Distance Learning, and the Library.

The LRC is located in Building 5; the library is on the upper level and the media/graphics and audiovisual (AV) areas are located on the lower level of the building. The library is 11,927 square feet, contains one computer lab, 3 study rooms, offices, and 2 workrooms. The library is open 67 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters and 49 hours per week during the summer (hours).


  • To provide an organized and accessible collection.
  • To meet instructional and individual needs of students, staff, faculty, and community.
  • To ensure that all patrons (students, faculty, staff, and community) have access to a broad range of learning resources in varied formats.
  • To meet the needs of a population with diverse learning styles and abilities.

Distance Learning Goals

  • Making educational opportunities more flexible.
  • Increasing student access by making courses easily available.
  • Increasing student access by making courses available in alternative formats.
  • Increasing independence in student learning.
  • Meeting the needs o local employees.
  • Reduce college per student cost.


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 November 2007