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Fees and Expenses

Beaufort County Community College receives financial support from local, state, and federal sources, allowing each student an educational opportunity at minimum cost. Tuition rates are set by the North Carolina General Assembly and the State Board of Community Colleges, and other fees are established by the Board of Trustees of Beaufort County Community College. The total expense consists of tuition, student activity fee, accident insurance, textbooks, supplies and materials, uniforms, and malpractice insurance, if applicable. The cost of textbooks, supplies and materials, and uniforms varies according to the curriculum. All tuition and fees must be paid in full on registration day. Students who will be attending school on a scholarship or are being assisted by a private individual, company, club, or state agency should consult the section on College Expenses Paid By Outside Agencies to determine the information that must be furnished to the Business Office prior to registration. Students who are in need of financial assistance should consult the section on Financial Aid. The tuition schedule and all other fees are explained below.

BCCC Tuition & Fees
All students are charged tuition according to the following schedule.
Fees (PDF)

Student Activity Fee
The Student Activity Fee is based upon the number of credit hours for which a student is enrolled with a maximum of $16.00 per semester. No activity fee is charged for the summer term. The moneys collected by the activity fee are used to support social and athletic functions, special academic projects, and cultural events sponsored by the Student Government Association.

Graduation Fee
A graduation fee will be due and payable to the Business Office once a student has applied for graduation. The student should be sure he/she is eligible to graduate before paying. The fee covers the cost of the diploma or degree, cap and gown, and other graduation expenses. Each graduating student must pay a graduation fee prior to graduation.

Textbooks and Supplies
The cost of textbooks and supplies varies according to the curriculum but averages about $300 per semester for a full-time student. Textbooks may be purchased from the bookstore on campus.

Accident Insurance
Accident insurance is available at a minimum cost. This insurance is strongly recommended. A student whose expenses, including insurance, are being paid by another individual or agency does not have insurance coverage until the premium is remitted to the school. In order to have immediate coverage, the student should pay the premium at registration, and the Business Office will make a refund to the student when the sponsor remits the fees.

Uniforms are necessary for the Associate Degree Nursing, Nursing Assistant, Medical Laboratory Technology, Practical Nursing, Basic Law Enforcement Training and Cosmetology programs. Uniforms are purchased by the student.

Malpractice Insurance
Students enrolled in Associate Degree Nursing, Practical Nursing, Nursing Assistant, or Medical Laboratory Technology must purchase malpractice insurance. The Student Liability Insurance Program provides coverage at a minimum cost and is available through the College.

Refund Policy
A 100 percent refund shall be made if the student officially withdraws prior to the first day of class(es) of the academic semester as noted in the College calendar. Also, a student is eligible for a 100 percent refund if the class in which the student is officially registered fails to “make” due to insufficient enrollment.

A 75 percent refund shall be made if the student officially withdraws from the class(es) prior to or on the official 10 percent point of the semester.

For classes beginning at times other than the first week (seven calendar days) of the semester a 100 percent refund shall be made if the student officially withdraws from the class prior to the first class meeting. A 75 percent refund shall be made if the student officially withdraws from the class prior to or on the 10 percent point of the class.

For contact hour classes, 10 calendar days from the first day of the class(es) is the determination date.

Student activity fees are not refundable unless a course or curriculum fails to materialize due to no fault of the student.

College Expenses Paid by Outside Agencies
Students who will have their expenses paid by a private individual, company, club, state agency, etc. must provide the Business Office with a letter of authorization prior to registration. Until the Business Office has this authorization in writing, the student will not be allowed to charge his/her fees. The authorization should contain the following:

If the sponsor makes payment directly to the recipient, the Business Office does not need a letter of authorization.