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Testing in the ASC

With the direction of your instructor, the coordinator can administer tests or retests in the ASC at any time during regularly scheduled hours. Students in DRE courses may take mastery tests and retests in the Academic Support Center at the discretion of their individual instructors. Individual instructors may have additional requirements for taking tests, but the following guidelines apply to all students testing in the ASC.

Testing Guidelines

Students must have written permission from their instructors before taking a test. The coordinator or ASC assistant is not responsible for keeping track of which tests or retests each student needs.

Students must test in the main room of the ASC under the supervision of the coordinator, the assistant, or other instructors working in the ASC. The only exceptions are students who test under the supervision of a reading tutor; these students may test in 1-113 at the tutor's discretion.

All tests must be completed in one sitting. Students may not start a test, leave, and come back to complete the test.

Students are expected to sit alone. The desk or table should be clear of all materials except those allowed for the test. The coordinator or assistant may direct students to sit in a particular area for testing at the request of the student's instructor.

Testing in the ASC is a privilege. Any student who does not abide by these guidelines or who is suspected of or caught cheating may not be allowed to take tests in the ASC.



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