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Welcome In it's new home in Building 1 Room 105, the ASC is now co-located with the Writing Center.

Open by referral to all enrolled students, the Academic Support Center is a broadly creative resource designed to complement and supplement your academic course of study.

Offering a comfortable atmosphere, the ASC allows you to meet your academic challenges at an individualized pace. With daily instructional assistance, a diverse selection of software, numerous in-house texts, and virtually unlimited resources on the internet, the Academic Support Center is prepared to assist you with a wide range of educational needs.


Each time you visit the ASC, whether for instructional assistance, testing, or computer work, you will be required to sign in on the center’s login computer, located just inside the ASC door. Use your BCCC username (the same username you use for Blackboard and student email) to sign in and out. When you sign in, you will select the course and instructor for which you will be workingworking, and, if it is your first visit, you will present your signed referral to one of the ASC staff.

After signing in, the coordinator, ASC assistant, or other instructors will be available to assist you with your work as needed.


Building 1 Room 105


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