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Community colleges in North Carolina have been providing basic skills opportunities for adults throughout the state since 1964. Even today, adults 18 years and older who lack basic skills can enroll in classes to:

  • Acquire the reading, writing, and mathematics skills needed to get or advance in a job.
  • Meet requirements for getting into vocational training programs.
  • Study to pass the General Educational Development (GED) tests, nationally recognized certification of high school equivalency.
  • Gain basic skills for entry level employment.
  • Learn the skills needed to become a productive member of society and a smarter consumer.
  • Learn English as a Second Language.
  • Prepare for United States citizenship.

The Basic Skills' programs of the North Carolina Community College System are offered at over 2,500 sites throughout the state. Beaufort County Community College offers over 25 classes in Beaufort, Hyde, and Tyrrell counties. Programs focus on developing academic competencies as well as the fundamental skills necessary for tomorrow's jobs. Some of the skills include: listening, critical thinking, problem solving, negotiating and organizing.

Programs Offered

Adult Basic Education (ABE) and General Educational Development (GED)
Adults with less than a high school education or adults who wish to improve academic achievement may enroll in classes scheduled at a variety of times and places. Students performing from non-reader through eighth grade will start at their own level of proficiency and will be allowed to proceed at their own speed until they achieve their goals. Those students performing on the high school level will review high school materials, including mathematics, reading, writing skills, science and social studies, preparing them to take the General Education Developmental (GED) tests.

College & Career Readiness
Classes are offered on an 8-9 week basis for students who wish to accelerate their achievement. These classes provide career exploration hands on training & college transition instruction along with GED preparation. Attendance in these programs is required and students may enroll during the 1st week of each 9 week session. Two sessions are offered each semester. Two six-week sessions are offered in the summer.

English as a Second Language (ESL)
English as a Second Language is designed for adults who want to learn the English language skills necessary to function effectively in an English-speaking environment.

Basic Skills Lab
This lab is designed to help Basic Skills students in reading, composition, and mathematics. Students may study to obtain or to improve scores on a GED. The lab is also available to anyone who would like to learn English as a Second Language or upgrade academic skills. The Basic Skills Lab is located in Building 8. The hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Assessments are done by appointments only.

Basic Skills Plus
Classes are offered concurrently with Career Pathway classes to allow students to work on their GED while also working toward various career credentials. Students may qualify for participation if they do not yet have a GED or high school diploma and score at least adult secondary low level on placement test.

Compensatory Education (CED)
A program to provide adults with intellectual disabilities with skills to become more independent and self-directed and to meet and manage community, social, work, and personal adult responsibilities.

A Basic Skills class can be offered in our service area upon request. Students may enroll in any of the above programs throughout the semester. There is no tuition charge.

For a list of current classes, contact the Basic Skills staff:

Tony Taylor, Director of Basic Skills
Office: Building 8, Room 814-B
Phone: (252) 940-6298

Rhunell Boyd, Chief GED Examiner
Office: Building 8 Room 811
Phone: 252-940-6209

Laurie Weston, Basic Skills Coordinator
Office: Building 8, Room 814A
Phone: (252) 940-6322

Marion Porter, Basic Skills Retention/Registration Assistant
Office: Building 8 - Room 814
Phone: 252-940-6299

Penelope Radcliffe, Assessment/Retention Specialist
Office: Building 8, Room 819
Phone: (252) 940-6325



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