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Testing Dates (HSE)



Beaufort County Community College offers adults an opportunity to complete their high school education through the NCCCS High School Equivalency (HSE) Program. The program’s purpose is to provide a second chance to adults who, for whatever reason, did not complete high school in the traditional manner. It is not intended as an alternative to the traditional high school for those students who cannot or refuse to complete a regular high school program. The HSE test battery is designed to measure a person’s knowledge and skills in the areas of Language Arts Reasoning, social studies, science, and mathematics. 

All persons interested in taking the examination must:

  • Pay a testing fee of $20.00 per test/ Science, Social Studies, Math, Lang. Arts Reasoning. Pay with a prepaid debit or VISA online by student.
  • Report to Testing Center in Bldg. 9, Room 926 15 minutes prior to testing admission.
  • Provide a governmental form of identification (NC Drivers License or NC DMV ID with picture.)
  • Provide Parent/Guardian notarized petition if between sixteen and eighteen years of age.

Information about the petition may be obtained from the basic skills personnel prior to testing. Any questions about theHSE program should be directed to the basic skills Director in Bldg. 8. All appointments for Official HSE test are made online by the student. .Contact Penelope Radcliffe, 940-6325 or Rhunell Boyd, 940-6209 for more information.

Adults may update their skills prior to taking the HSE tests by enrolling in HSE classes. with the Continuing Education Department in Bldg. 8.

Effective June 1, 2014, the NCCCS High School Equivalency (HSE) office no longer accepts requests for copies of GED® transcripts, verifications or diplomas for the years 2002-2014. GED Credentialing™ will fulfill all requests for individuals who earned a GED® diploma in North Carolina from 2002 – 2014. Please make note of this change in your office, on your web page and on any printed information that is shared with students when requesting GED® transcripts.

For more information contact:

Tony Taylor
Office: Building 8, Room 814A
Phone: (252) 940-6298



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