The Paramedic is an allied health professional whose primary focus is to provide advanced emergency medical care for critical and emergent patients who access the emergency medical system. This individual possesses the complex knowledge and skills necessary to provide patient care and transportation. Paramedics function as part of a comprehensive EMS response, under medical oversight. Paramedics perform interventions with the basic and advanced equipment typically found on an ambulance. The Paramedic is a link from the scene into the health care system.
[From the: National EMS Scope of Practice Model]

This course follows the North Carolina curriculum and bridges the Emergency Medical Technician to Paramedic. Includes some Saturday sessions and additional scheduled clinical and field experience hours. Registration is $180 unless exempt (must provide proof of affiliation). No exemptions are allowed for the additional $5 Student ID, $5 Technology fee, and $14.25 insurance and malpractice fee, all of which are non-refundable. The Paramedic course has a minimum of 460 hours of didactic instruction, 200 hours of lab and skills practice and a minimum of 340 hours of clinical/field instruction. 1,000 hours. $204.25

Prerequisite Requirements:

  • Paramedic English Proficiency Requirement: Successful completion of an entrance exam assessing basic reading comprehension and English language writing skills on a post-secondary level. Examples of acceptable demonstration of this ability include placement into, or successful completion of, a college-level reading and English language writing course. Developmental or remedial courses will not satisfy this requirement.
  • Paramedic Mathematical Skills Requirement: Demonstration of mathematical skills at a minimum at the high school grade level. Examples of acceptable demonstration of this ability include successful completion of a MAT 060 course, or placement into a MAT 070 course, or successful completion of a college-level algebra course
  • Anatomy and Physiology (may be a co-requisite with Paramedic): Proof of successful completion of college level Anatomy & Physiology or EMS 3000 prior to Paramedic course enrollment.
  • Health Screening and Proof of Vaccinations (Not required for Refresher courses): All candidates for the advanced level courses are required to complete an EMS Program ALS application packet found online at Certified Background. Proof of vaccines or immunization are included on this form for a TB skin test less than six months old or chest x-ray within the past two years, Hepatitis B vaccination or declination form, MMR vaccination, Varicella (Chicken Pox) titer or vaccination (Must have titer even if documented illness in records), and Pertussis (Whooping Cough) vaccination or booster within last 10 years. (Ensure you receive the Tdap or DTP booster, not Td.)
  • Additional Required Documentation:
    • EMT to Paramedic Bridge course – Proof of current EMT or AEMT credential
    • Current American Heart Association BLS Provider CPR card.
  • Documentation must be submitted to Certified Background for Advanced EMT(Intermediate) or Paramedic students, and approved to secure a permanent seat in the course.

Call for Prerequisite Information--next class starts Fall 2018!

For more information about this class or to register, please contact the Continuing Education Registration and Records Clerk at 252-940-6375 or