How do I Use Interlibrary Loan?


Gail Ambrose

Interlibrary loan is a service that allows users to obtain materials not owned by the LRC. ILL provides access to books and periodicals not in the BCCC Library.  ILL request forms are available at the LRC circulation desk, or can be accessed at the LRC homepage or by clicking on the link below. You can request books, photocopies of journal articles, conference papers, and some Ph.D. dissertations. Most of the time there is no cost for this service. The library staff will mail ILL items directly to distance learning students.
Telephone: 252 940 6243
Fax: 252 946 9575
Email: Penny Sermons

Fell free to call, fax, or email if you want assistance with your research.

Interlibrary loan electronic request form

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Penny Sermons