Late Start Classes

Register now for your choice of Late Start classes that earn a full semester of credit in just 8 weeks.

  • ACA-118-43LS College Study Skills
  • ART-111-22LS Art Appreciation
  • BUS-110-21LS Intro. to Business
  • CJC-122-20LS Community Policing
  • ENG-111-23LS Writing and Inquiry
  • HEA-110-22LS Personal Health/Wellness
  • MUS-110-21LS Music Appreciation
  • PSY-118-21LS Interpersonal Psychology
  • PSY-150-22LS General Psychology
  • OST-130-20LS Computer Keyboarding
  • PED-111-40LS Physical Fitness I
  • REL-110-21LS World Religions

Registration beings on February 2nd
and Runs through March 8th.