Beaufort County Community College's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a new advising strategy to help students reach their educational, professional, and life goals.

BCCC PLAN has four components:

  • Blackboard advising site for each advisor
  • Personalized career interest/skills inventory profile
  • Personalized advising workbook & advising guide
  • Campus-wide advisor training & professional development

During Fall 2017, the QEP committee met one-on-one with faculty and staff to collect advising best practice strategies and pearls of wisdom to create the framework for the BCCC Quality Enhancement Plan, a required component for SACSCOC reaffirmation. These ideas and suggestions are the core of this dynamic PLAN that will help students take ownership of their college experience and provide advisors with accurate information, tools and methods to communicate with advisees.

PLAN at Spring Fling

To learn more about BCCC's Quality Enhancement Plan, contact QEP Director
Laurie Evans at

Check back for more details as we get closer to launching BCCC PLAN.