SGA Constitution



We, the students of Beaufort County Community College, in order to foster a spirit of cooperation among students, staff, and faculty; to coordinate and regulate student activities; to maintain a high standard for the college by upholding high standards of personal conduct; to promote and encourage activities for the best interests of the college; and to develop good citizens through experience in government; do hereby establish this constitution for the Student Government of Beaufort County Community College.

Article I -- Name

This organization shall be named the Student Government Association of Beaufort County Community College. The membership shall consist of all enrolled curriculum students.

Article II -- Purpose

The purpose of the Student Government Association shall be to promote good citizenship throughout the college. To plan and initiate, with the advice of the SGA Advisor, activities sponsored by the Student Government Association. It shall be the purpose of this organization also to stimulate interest in college life both on campus and in the community.

Article III -- Membership

The Student Government Association does not discriminate on the basis of color, race, sex, national origin, religion, or handicap concerning its purpose, membership, or activities.

Article IV -- Membership Qualifications of the Student Government Association

Section I. Qualifications for all Executive Council Officers

In order for a student to hold an Executive Office in the SGA, he/she must maintain a 2.5 grade point average each semester and maintain full-time status. Freshman representatives must be full-time students and have a 2.5 overall grade point average at the end of fall semester.

Article V -- Meetings

Meeting of the Student Government Association may be called by the President at any time or upon request of the student body or by two-thirds of the Student Government Association. The number of meetings is not hereby specified; however, they shall be scheduled on the second and/or fourth Tuesdays of each month at 12:00 PM. The Student Government meeting shall be open to all students. Groups wishing to present business before the SGA should present a written notice of their business to the President or Secretary. This to be done by Thursday of the week before the meeting they wish to attend. The Secretary will then schedule said business on the agenda for the next meeting.

Article VI -- Officers

Section I. Executive Council

The Officers of the Student Government Association shall be as follows:

Special Populations Chairperson

Section II.
The specific duties of the Executive Council officers shall be as follows:

President - It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all SGA meetings and to appoint chairpersons to various committees to provide cooperation between the student body and the SGA. The President shall also serve as a non-voting member on the Board of Trustees. The President shall have authority to schedule exact time, date, and place of all meetings and to cancel meetings. He/she also has authority to grant excused absences to students who are absent from meetings, to appoint the chairpersons of all standing committees, and to require reports from them.
Vice President - It shall be the duty of the Vice President to assume the duties of the President in his/her absence. He/she will supervise all elections and assist the President in fulfilling the executive functions of the SGA.
Secretary - It shall be the duty of the Secretary to attend all meetings and to keep accurate minutes. He/she shall serve as Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary. The Secretary will also work with the SGA President to form their agenda for the next meeting. In addition, the secretary is required to have minutes typed and distributed to the executive officers and SGA expenditures of SGA advisor within four class days following each meeting.
Treasurer - It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to handle, with assistance of the SGA advisor, all financial affairs concerning the SGA. The Treasurer will report expenditures to the student body at each meeting as necessary. The SGA Advisor will sign all authorizations for the funds with the approval of the Dean of Students.
Parliamentarian - It shall be the duty of the Parliamentarian to maintain parliamentary order at the Student Government Association meetings. It shall be his/her responsibility to have a workable knowledge of Robert's Rules of Order.
Historian - It shall be the duty of the Historian to keep accurate records of all activities performed by the SGA.
Special Populations Chairperson - It shall be the duty of the Special Populations Chairperson to represent the needs and concerns of students, and those who have special needs.

Section III. Absences

Any Executive Officer absent for two (2) or more consecutive meetings may be asked to resign. This decision will be made by the SGA Advisor and/or the Dean of Students.

Section IV. Election or Appointment of Representatives

The chartered clubs and organizations shall elect their representatives. The club advisor shall submit the names of the SGA representatives by the second week of classes in fall semester.
Representatives will also be elected/selected by curriculum lead instructors to ensure representation from all students. The representatives will meet the same qualifications.

Article VIII -- Committees

Section I.

The chairperson of standing committees shall be appointed by the President, with approval of the association. The Committee members are appointed by the Chairperson of each committee.

Section II.

The Committee chairperson and committee members shall be appointed within one week of that committee forming.

Article VIII -- Temporary Appointments

Chairpersons of various temporary committees necessary for only a short time shall be appointed by the President of the SGA, subject to the association's approval. Chairpersons of temporary committees shall appoint the members of their committee from the student body.

Article IX -- Absences of Representatives

Attendance at SGA meeting of designated representatives is required.

Article X -- Elections

Section I. Election Procedure

Elections for officers will take place the last Tuesday and Wednesday in April, spring semester. Requirements for office will be read at the March general meeting. Students from each club or curriculum will have an opportunity to run for SGA executive office. Students desiring to run have been enrolled the previous semester and have earned a minimum 2.5 GPA from Beaufort County Community College. Letters of Intent to run for SGA office are turned in by the first Tuesday in April to the SGA Advisor.

Election of SGA Executive Council will take place by vote of the student body the last Tuesday and Wednesday in April. The Vice-president will be responsible for elections. New officers are installed at the May general meeting. Any offices not filled are filled by a majority vote of SGA representatives and alternates at the first fall general meeting.

Section II. Procedures for Replacement of the President

In the event the President, after being elected, cannot serve his/her term, the Vice-President shall become the President. Then one member of the SGA Executive Council will have the opportunity to move to the Vice-President position. Any member moving from one Executive Council position to another will maintain their previous requirements until a replacement is found for their previous position.

Section III. Procedures for Replacement of any office in the Executive Council

If any office in the Executive Council shall become vacant, other than that of the President, the position shall be filled by the Executive Council by a unanimous vote. If a unanimous vote is not achieved, an election will be held among the active Student Government Association members electing from the body an active member to office during the next meeting of the Student Government Association.

Section IV. Temporary Replacements

If any office in the Executive Council becomes vacant, then the advisor reserves the right to appoint a temporary replacement to the office until the office can be filled by a permanent replacement.

Article XI -- Stipends

SGA officers may receive a stipend at the end of each semester they serve as Executive Officers if they participate in 90% of scheduled meetings and events. Officers must maintain full-time status and meet the academic requirements as stated in Article IV, Section I.

Article IX -- Amendments

Amendments to the constitution may be proposed by members of the SGA or by ten (10) members of the student body. The proposed amendment shall be read at two (2) meetings of the SGA, with copies distributed to all members in attendance. The amendment shall be voted on after the second reading and will be ratified, if approved, by a two-thirds majority vote of the quorum present.



SGA Constitution revised Spring, 2012-Adopted Fall, 2012.