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Cooperative Education at BCCC
is a unique plan of educational enrichment. It is designed to make a student’s educational experience more relevant and meaningful by integrating classroom study with planned and supervised practical experience in industrial, business, governmental, or service type work positions.

Who is eligible for Co-op?

Cooperative Education is available to all degree-seeking students whose curriculum requires or allows as an option a work experience component. Work-study students are eligible if work relates to their program of study. To participate, students… 

Some of the programs which currently allow a work experience component are:

Advantages for Students

Students who are interested in cooperative education should speak with their faculty advisor about the qualifications for CO-OP in their program of study. If you qualify, download and complete the following documents. Call the Career Center at 940-6353, and make an appointment to meet and discuss your opportunities for cooperative education.

Advantages for Employers involved in Cooperative Education

Employers who are interested in providing students a worksite for Cooperative Education can either contact the Career Center for more information, or complete the following form and submit it directly to the Career Center.

Employment Opportunity (electronic form)

For More Information Contact:

Stephen Smith
Co-op Coordinator
Building 4, Room #102A
Phone: 252-940-6428