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Beaufort County Community College offers two semesters and one summer term of  work during each school year. Students must register at the beginning of each  semester in which they plan to attend. Registration dates for each semester are announced (refer to academic calendar). Registration is permitted only on announced registration days except in programs which operate under open registration. Registration is normally held several weeks   before the semester begins. Registration allows the students and the advisors to evaluate progress and plan the courses to be taken during the following semester. Any student who has overdue library materials or who is delinquent in the payment of any fees, fines, or other obligations to the College will not be permitted to complete the registration process until the student has satisfactorily resolved the situation.

  Registration End

Registration Ends the day before classes begin. A student may register after the Registration End day if the following conditions exist:

1. The class is not canceled or closed.
2. The new student who has not previously attended the College has completed all admission procedures.
3. The class is noted as having open registration.
4. The instructor gives permission.

 Questions about registration should be directed to:
Melissa A. Francis
, 940-6236,

Beaufort County Community College    252-946-6194