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(Fourth row, left-right) Macy Radcliffe, Candace Rose, Timothy Pendley, Tess Keel and Brian Burroughs. (Third row, left-right) Logan Langley, Tietyanna Freeman, Taylor Whitesell, and Rachel Harding. (Second row, left-right) Jordan Holden, Clay Asby, Lacey Atwood, Kyajia Mourning, and Keona Kelly. (First row, left-right) Makayla Moore, Brice Ingram, Mattie Respess, Jennifer Best, and Jo A. Montaque.

Nineteen complete EMT training at BCCC

Nineteen students completed the emergency medical technician (EMT) course at Beaufort County Community College on May 10. The class can be a first step to becoming a paramedic, though many students take it in addition to credentials in firefighting, law enforcement or other professions or as a standalone credential. The class included students from Beaufort, Bertie, Martin and Pitt Counties. The increase in interest is due in part to higher demand for paramedics across the state.

The course introduces students to prehospital emergency care. Upon completion of this course, they can take the state or national credentialing exam to provide emergency or non-emergent care at the EMT level. At this time, three of the 19 students who completed the course have passed their state exam and become certified, while the rest are scheduled to test in the next month.

Clay Asby, Lacey Atwood, Jennifer Best, Brian Burroughs, Tietyanna Freeman, Rachel Harding, Jordan Holden, Brice Ingram, Tess Keel, Keona Kelly, Logan Langley, Jo Montaque, MaKayla Moore, Kyajia Mourning, Timothy Pendley, Macy Radcliffe, Mattie Respess, Candace Rose, and Taylor Whitesell all completed the EMT program.

“We had one student, Candace Rose, who is also active duty with the North Carolina National Guard,” said Crystal Paul-Stox, EMT instructor. “She completed the class while traveling five hours roundtrip to Fort Bragg each night. She also serves with the North Carolina Marine Patrol as an officer. Achieving her EMT Certification will help her further on the waters she serves in Beaufort County.”

The demand for paramedics has increased as hospitals have started hiring them for emergency department, operating room and intensive care positions in response to a shortage of nurses. BCCC saw a record number of paramedics complete its program this spring. The paramedic program requires students to hold Emergency Medical Technician Certification as a prerequisite.

BCCC now offers a one-year, online Associate in Applied Science in Emergency Medical Science bridging program for currently certified paramedics. This program was established in anticipation of changes with statewide educational requirements for paramedics expected in 2024. Students who hold a paramedic certification get one year of credit for prior learning toward their degree and then take one year of classes online to complete the AAS in Emergency Medical Science.

First responders will soon have a new home when BCCC’s Emergency Services Building opens this year. The new building includes classrooms and bays for emergency vehicles. It sits adjacent to the largest public emergency vehicle driving pad in North Carolina.

The EMT course is scholarship-eligible, and financial aid and scholarships are available for the AAS in EMS program. For questions about EMS programs, contact Billy Respass at 252-940-6468 or billy.respass@beaufortccc.edu. To enroll in the AAS in EMS program, contact 252-940-6233 or admissions@beaufortccc.edu.