a large group of people behind a banner reading Gamma Beta Phie
Members of the honor society at BCCC must have a 3.5 GPA to join. They are currently raising funds for the Humane Society of Beaufort County.

Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society Inducts New Members

Gamma Beta Phi, the honor society at Beaufort County Community College, inducted 54 new members into its organization on April 27. Members of the honor society achieve academic success, and they also take on projects that help some of the most in need in our community.

This year, they are currently raising funds for the Humane Society of Beaufort County. Members also volunteered at Sound River’s Oyster Roast fundraiser in collaboration with the BCCC Environmental Alliance. Sound River’s is a non-profit working to protect water quality in the watersheds of the Pamlico-Tar and Neuse Rivers. In another collaboration with the BCCC Environmental Alliance, members helped out at a clothes drive that encouraged students to donate clothes and take clothes in an effort to reduce waste, encourage clothing reuse, and raise awareness about the free Clothes Closet on campus.

In the past, Gamma Beta Phi has raised funds for the Ruth’s House domestic violence shelter, Open Door Community Center, and Zion Men’s Shelter and Kitchen.

The group is led by Katherine Pollock (third from right), with Adam Harp (second from right) serving as vice-president, Michael Bowen (third from left) as secretary, Madison Allen (second from left) as historian, and Patriauna Bryant (center) as chapter liaison. Ben Deck (right) and Dr. Chad Smith (left) serve as faculty advisors for Gamma Beta Phi.

Additionally, Katherine Pollock was also awarded the Gamma Beta Phi Chapter Leadership Scholarship.

Members seek to live by the principles of honesty, service, industriousness, humility, justice, cooperation, responsibility, and charitableness.

Members of Gamma Beta Phi must be presently enrolled at BCCC and committed to excellence in education, to good character and to service. They must have completed 12 or more semester hours of college work and pay the one-time national membership fee of $70.00 along with local dues of $12.00 per semester. Members cannot have their grades drop below a GPA of 3.2 and must have a GPA of 3.5 to join.

The new inductees were: Jasmine Allen, Madison Allen, Tiffany Ange, Heather Bass, Elizabeth Bowen, Michael Bowen, Brandy Bowie, Richard Braman, Olivia Briley, Patriauna Bryant, Karina Caliz, Jasmine Cherry, Elijah Clement, Rosaleigh Clipperton, Delta Cole, Tyrus Cole, Hardy Corey, Ellis Cullipher, Naomi Davis, Marion Denny, Lora Dozier, Nathaniel Drake, Connor Edwards, Lesily Edwards, Mckenzie Edwards, Luna Espinoza, Andrew Harp, Kennedy Hawkins, Brandon House, Kameko Howell, Shakiyda Jones, Shakiyda Jones, Tiffany Jones, Delaney Lewis, David Linton, Eric Lund, Asamarie Elizabeth Manning, Shelby Molusky, Jeremy Moore, Megan Moore, Alexa Perez, Katherine Pollock, Conetha Ramsey, Macy Riffle, Kristen Satchel, Mackenzie Seymour, Mary Lynn Smart, Heather Smith, Maria Stotesberry, Porsche St. Clair, Jellisa Tolson, Larita Tysor, and Mandy Weaver.