Agribusiness Technology A15100

Pathway Description: These curriculums are designed to provide the entrepreneurial and technical skills necessary to manage a profitable, environmentally sound, community based small farm or agricultural business. The objective is the development of a workforce knowledgeable in sustainable agriculture practices. Students will learn the fundamentals of agriculture, focusing on crop production and business. Emphasis is placed on entrepreneurial and field training. Students will also learn the basic principles of our economic system and government policies and programs relating to agriculture. Graduates should qualify for a variety of jobs in agricultural businesses such as equipment, feed, and agricultural supply sales; store management; farm operations; wholesale and retail produce management; nursery operations; and environmental and agricultural education.

Agribusiness Technology: A program that prepares individuals to manage agricultural businesses and agriculturally related operations within diversified corporations. Potential course work includes instruction in agriculture, agricultural specialization, business management, accounting, finance, marketing, planning, human resources management, and other managerial responsibilities.

Number of credit hours required for this program: 64

General Education Requirements


Take 3 credits from ENG-111.

English - Other

Take 3 credits from ENG-112 ENG-113 ENG-114.


Take 3 credits from MAT-110 MAT-143 MAT-171.

Major Requirements

Technical Core

Take 12 credits from AGR-139 AGR-170 AGR-214 ANS-110.

Other Required Courses

Take 16 credits from AGR-140 AGR-150 AGR-160 AGR-212 AGR-213 WBL-111.

Other Major Requirements

Required Courses

Take 15 credits from ACC-120 AGR-111 AGR-261 BUS-110 BUS-137 WLD-115 WLD-121.


Take 2 credits from CIS-110 CIS-111.


Take 3 credits from AGR-110 ECO-151 ECO-251.

Student Success

Take 1 credits from ACA-111 ACA-118 ACA-122.