Associate in General Education A10300

The Associate in General Education curriculum is designed for the academic enrichment of students who wish to broaden their education, with emphasis on personal interest, growth and development.

Course work includes study in the areas of humanities and fine arts, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences and mathematics, and English composition. Opportunities for the achievement of competence in reading, writing, oral communication, fundamental mathematical skills, and the basic use of computers will be provided.

Through these skills, students will have a sound base for lifelong learning. Graduates are prepared for advancements within their field of interest and become better qualified for a wide range of employment opportunities.

Number of credit hours required for this program: 65

Major Requirements

Major Requirements

Take 49 credits from ACC-120 ACC-121 AGR-110 AGR-111 AGR-139 AGR-140 AGR-150 AGR-160 AGR-170 AGR-212 AGR-213 AGR-214 AGR-261 ANS-110 ANT-210 ANT-221 ART-111 ART-114 ART-115 ART-118 ART-121 AST-111 AST-111A AST-151 AST-151A AST-152 AST-152A AUT-114 AUT-114A AUT-116 AUT-116A AUT-141 AUT-141A AUT-151 AUT-151A AUT-181 AUT-181A AUT-183 AUT-212 AUT-221 AUT-221A AUT-231 AUT-231A AUT-281 BIO-110 BIO-111 BIO-112 BIO-120 BIO-130 BIO-140 BIO-140A BIO-146 BIO-155 BIO-163 BIO-165 BIO-166 BIO-168 BIO-169 BIO-175 BIO-243 BIO-250 BIO-271 BIO-275 BMS-110 BMS-111 BMS-112 BMS-113 BMS-114 BMS-115 BMS-116 BMS-117 BPR-111 BTB-101 BTB-102 BTB-103 BTB-104 BTB-105 BTB-106 BTB-107 BTB-108 BTB-109 BTB-110 BTB-111 BTB-112 BTB-115 BUS-110 BUS-115 BUS-116 BUS-121 BUS-137 BUS-139 BUS-153 BUS-225 BUS-240 BUS-260 CHM-115 CHM-130 CHM-130A CHM-131 CHM-131A CHM-132 CHM-151 CHM-152 CHM-251 CHM-252 CIS-110 CIS-111 CIS-115 CJC-111 CJC-112 CJC-113 CJC-121 CJC-122 CJC-131 CJC-132 CJC-141 CJC-170 CJC-212 CJC-213 CJC-215 CJC-221 CJC-223 CJC-225 CJC-231 CJC-233 CJC-255 CJC-264 COM-231 COS-111 COS-112 COS-113 COS-114 COS-115 COS-116 COS-117 COS-118 COS-121 COS-222 COS-224 COS-240 COS-250 COS-271 COS-272 COS-273 COS-274 CSC-118 CSC-218 CSC-139 CSC-143 CSC-151 CSC-239 CTI-110 CTI-120 CTI-140 CTS-115 CTS-120 CTS-285 CTS-289 DBA-120 DBA-221 DFT-100 DFT-151 DFT-154 DRA-111 DRA-130 ECO-151 ECO-251 ECO-252 EDU-119 EDU-131 EDU-144 EDU-145 EDU-146 EDU-151 EDU-153 EDU-187 EDU-216 EDU-221 EDU-234 EDU-235 EDU-250 EDU-261 EDU-262 EDU-279 EDU-280 EDU-284 EGR-110 EGR-250 EGR-285 ELC-113 ELC-114 ELC-128 ELC-131 ELC-131A ELC-132 ELC-135 ELC-136 ELC-231 ELN-131 ELN-133 ENG-125 ENG-131 ENG-132 ENG-231 ENG-232 ENG-241 ENG-242 ENG-272 ENG-273 FRE-111 FRE-112 GEL-111 GEO-110 GEO-111 HEA-110 HEA-112 HIS-111 HIS-112 HIS-115 HIS-131 HIS-132 HIS-145 HIS-162 HIS-221 HIS-226 HIS-236 HSE-110 HSE-112 HSE-123 HSE-125 HSE-210 HSE-225 HSE-240 HUM-115 HUM-120 HUM-121 HUM-122 HUM-150 HUM-160 HUM-180 HYD-110 ISC-112 ISC-113 ISC-121 MAC-111 MAC-178 MAC-179 MAC-234 MAC-234A MAT-110 MAT-121 MAT-122 MAT-143 MAT-152 MAT-171 MAT-172 MAT-263 MAT-271 MAT-272 MAT-273 MEC-110 MEC-128 MEC-145 MKT-120 MKT-220 MKT-223 MLT-110 MLT-111 MLT-118 MLT-120 MLT-125 MLT-130 MLT-140 MLT-141 MLT-215 MLT-240 MLT-271 MLT-283 MUS-110 MUS-112 MUS-210 NAS-101 NAS-102 NET-125 NET-126 NET-235 NOS-110 NOS-120 NOS-230 NUR-101 NUR-102 NUR-103 NUR-111 NUR-112 NUR-113 NUR-114 NUR-211 NUR-212 NUR-213 OST-130 OST-134 OST-135 OST-136 OST-137 OST-138 OST-141 OST-142 OST-148 OST-149 OST-153 OST-164 OST-184 OST-236 OST-243 OST-244 OST-247 OST-248 OST-286 OST-289 PCI-162 PED-110 PED-111 PED-113 PED-117 PED-118 PED-125 PED-128 PED-130 PED-131 PED-137 PED-138 PED-143 PED-144 PED-145 PED-147 PED-148 PED-152 PED-153 PED-154 PED-155 PED-181 PED-187 PED-219 PED-260 PHI-215 PHI-240 PHY-110 PHY-110A PHY-131 PHY-133 PHY-151 PHY-152 POL-110 POL-120 POL-130 POL-220 PSY-110 PSY-118 PSY-150 PSY-211 PSY-239 PSY-241 PSY-243 PSY-281 REL-110 REL-211 REL-212 SAB-110 SEC-160 SEL-192 2.00 6.00 0.00 SOC-210 SOC-213 SOC-220 SOC-225 SOC-240 SOC-245 SPA-111 SPA-112 SPA-141 SPA-161 SPA-211 SPA-212 SPA-221 SPI-113 SWK-110 SWK-113 TRN-110 TRN-120 TRN-120A TRN-140 TRN-140A TRN-145 TRN-170 WBL-111 WBL-112 WBL-113 WBL-115 WBL-120 WBL-122 WEB-110 WEB-115 WEB-250 WLD-110 WLD-115 WLD-116 WLD-121 WLD-131 WLD-132 WLD-141 WLD-151 WLD-212 WLD-251 WLD-262 WLD-265

Student Success

Take 1 credit from ACA-111 ACA-115 ACA-118 ACA-122