Boat Manufacture and Service Diploma-Marine Services D60330A

The Boat Manufacture and Service Technology program prepares students for employment in the manufacture and service of boats. Students learn the basics of boat design and the implementation of those designs in various components and/or complete boats or yachts.

Course work includes reading and interpreting marine blueprints, manuals, and other documents common to the industry; lofting; constructing forms and mold-making; application of concepts and techniques in composite, and fiberglass; marine woodworking; interior finishing; and marine mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

Graduates may find employment with boat/yacht manufacturers, service yards, dealerships doing commissioning work, and companies doing custom boat building.

Number of credit hours required for this program: 41

General Education Requirements


Take 3 credits from ENG-111


Take 3 credits from MAT-110

Major Requirements

Required Courses

Take 13 credits from BTB-110 BTB-111 BTB-112

Subject Area Speciality

Take 14 credits from BTB-106 BTB-107 BTB-108

Other Major Requirements

Required Courses

Take 5 credits from BTB-115 BMS-117


Take 3 credits from CIS-110