Emergency Medical Science A45340

The Emergency Medical Science curriculum provides individuals with the knowledge, skills and attributes to provide advanced emergency medical care as a paramedic for critical and emergent patients who access the emergency medical system and prepares graduates to enter the workforce. Students will gain complex knowledge, competency, and experience while employing evidence based practice under medical oversight, and serve as a link from the scene into the healthcare system.

Graduates of this program may be eligible to take state and/or national certification examinations. Employment opportunities include providers of emergency medical services, fire departments, rescue agencies, hospital specialty areas, industry, educational and government agencies.

Number of credit hours required for this program: 72

General Education Requirements


Take 6 credits from ENG-111 ENG-112

Humanities/Fine Arts

Take 3 credits from HUM-115

Mathematics/Natural Sci

Take 3 credits from BIO-110 MAT-110


Take 3 credits from PSY-150

Major Requirements


Take 5 credits from BIO-163

Other Major Requirements

Required Courses

Take 7 credits from EMS-140 EMS-235 OST-141