Emergency Management training is offered at our college to meet the workforce training needs of Emergency Management personnel, including county and state emergency managers and associated emergency response personnel and volunteers.

Classes may include:

  • NIMS Incident Management
  • Emergency Management Special Topics
  • NIMS: ICS-100 to ICS-800
  • NIMS: ICS Leadership Training
  • NIMS: ICS Train the Trainer
  • All-Haz Incident Commander
  • All-Haz Public Info Officer
  • All-Haz Div/Group Supervisor
  • All-Haz Planning Section Chief
  • All-Haz Situation Unit Leader
  • Emergency Operations Center
  • EOP-Homeland Security Appendix
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness
  • Thread-Risk Assessment
  • Community Mass Care Management
  • Community Emergency RT
  • Amateur Radio Resources
  • Leadership in a Disaster
  • Multi-Agency Coordination
  • Damage Assessment
  • Evacuation & Re-Entry Planning
  • Working Through a Disaster
  • Decision Making in a Crisis
  • FEMA Public Assistance Program
  • Warn Notice-Weather Service
  • Joint Information Center
  • Managing Land Search Ops

and much more!

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For questions or to schedule a class, please contact:

Johnny D Williams Sr.
Fire & Emergency Management Training Director

Building 8, Room 804
Phone: (252) 940-6363
Fax: (252) 940-6254