Customer Service Essentials
It is estimated that 69% of lost customers don’t return because of bad service. This four-hour class will give your employees the skills they need to not
just satisfy customers, but to keep them returning to your business again and again. This customer service training program covers attitude of service
excellence, linking to your organization’s vision, product/service knowledge, identifying customer needs, successful communication, tone of voice and
positive word choice, office safety and etiquette, time management, and service recovery. To create a culture of excellent customer service you need
everyone within your organization on board. With “Customer Service Essentials”, you’ll reenergize your entire staff with essential customer service skills.

9:00am-2:00pm Fri Mar 22 Fee: $70/free with fee waiver
5 hrs Section #32873 BCCC Building 8, Room 822

For more information or to register, please contact:
Continuing Education Registration & Records Clerk
Phone: 252-940-6375