Community Gardens

The goal of the community gardens initiative is to educate residents of Beaufort County on the importance of healthy eating, and to provide spaces throughout the area where fresh produce can be grown. Community gardens bring residents together and provide them with access to locations where fresh, locally grown produce can be sourced. This increases the quality of life, and helps to combat a multitude of preventable diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and others.

This project utilizes community member volunteers throughout the entire process from assisting with initial garden set-up and preparation, to ongoing maintenance, all the way through to harvesting the produce and putting them in a position to be able to operate the gardens for years to come.

Activity During 2017

During the first year of the program, 6 community gardens were created which far surpassed the initial goal of 3. In addition to the community gardens, private homeowners reached out and received education about gardening and the importance of healthy eating. Working with those individuals, between 20 and 25 private gardens were created as well.

Looking Ahead

Work has already begun on brand new community gardens for this year. The program is focusing on sustainability, and providing volunteers with everything needed to ensure the operation of the gardens in the future.

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