To register for BLET and begin a career in law enforcement, take the following steps:

  1. Contact Larry Barnes, BLET School Director, either by visiting Building 10 or calling (252) 940-6228 or you may contact Jolinda Cooper , Business Division, either by visiting Building 3 or calling (252) 940-6208.
  2. Set up an appointment with the Director to be interviewed and to receive an application packet. You will be advised of the next available course and be placed on a prospective trainee list.
  3. Complete the application packet by:
    a. submitting the application for admission to BCCC,
    b. complete the BCCC BLET application
    c. complete accuplacer reading assessment with score of 69 or better
    d. obtaining a medical examination and complete medical forms,
    e. show proof of citizenship in the US,
    f. show proof of high school diploma or GED completion,
    g. obtain a sponsorship from a law enforcement agency ( the Director will explain this process),
    h. attend a Pre-Orientation Meeting that will be schedule about a week prior to the first day of class (applications and forms that are complete may be turned in at this time).
    i. attend the first day of class, register, pay all fees (including books) and turn in all necessary completed forms to the Director.
  4. Obtained certified criminal history record checks for all locations you have resided since becoming an adult.