Make Your Late Start a Great Start With Our 8-Week late start Courses.

Want to start or continue your higher education this fall, but your August is already too busy? We understand. That's why we've developed our late start classes, which begin October 14

For more information contact Kimberly Jackson: 252-940-6252 or Shelby Phillips: 252-940-6443

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Important Dates

  • October 6 Board of Trustee Meeting, at 6:00 p.m., Bldg. 10 Board Room
  • October 14 Second 8-week classes begin
  • October 26 Registration for Spring 2016 for graduating students
  • October 27 - December 11 Registration for Spring 2016 for all students
  • October 29 Comedy Hypnotist Steven Stone: Building 8 @ 6:00PM
  • November 30 Bills will be mailed to students.
  • December 11 Last day for students to pay bill.
  • December 12-16 Registration will be with Deans of Academic Areas.
  • December 16 Students who have not paid for the spring 2016 will be dropped.
  • January 4-6 2016 Last chance registration for Spring 2016 courses.
  • January 6 2016 First day of Spring semester classes.

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