a child using a flight simulator
The Aviation Camp from July 10-23 will put youth in flight simulators and even up in the air in a real airplane.

Scholarships Available for Hyde County Youth Camps

This summer, Beaufort County Community College will offer eight camps and programs through its Summer Enrichment Youth Program in Hyde County. Some camps are offered in partnership with Inner Banks STEM Center and the Beaufort-Hyde-Martin Library System. They offer a variety of experiences— including technology, flying, makeup, babysitting, and music— for youth of varying ages. For each camp, transportation from Mattamuskeet School is provided every day. Each class includes a breakfast snack upon arrival and lunch on site.

To make the programs accessible to more families, BCCC has scholarships available for qualified families. Guardians or parents will need to apply for a scholarship to take advantage of this offer. Parents and guardians can call 252-940-6231 to register and pay over the phone or find out about scholarships. Online registration and payment for camps is available. Visit http://www.beaufortccc.edu/hyde-youth to find out more.

See camps available in Beaufort County.

Boating Camp (rising 5th, 6th, and 7th grades)

Participants will travel to Washington’s Inner Banks STEM Center to learn about boats and how they are able to float. They will visit a US Coast Guard Base, the NC Estuarium, and the Mariner’s Museum. In the afternoon, they will take swimming lessons. In the final week of class, they will attend the Little Washington Sailing School on the Pamlico. There will not be class on July 4. This $275 camp will run from June 19-July 7.

Aviation Camp (rising 6th, 7th, and 8th grades)

Participants will learn about flight aerodynamics as they operate a flight simulator. They will build and fly a hot air balloon and visit Langley NASA Museum and airbase. In the afternoon, they will take swimming lessons. The final activity of class is to fly a real airplane at Washington’s Warren Airfield. This $150 camp will run from July 10-23.

Piano Camp (rising 4th and up)

Participants will spend four mornings uncovering musical talent. The camp will have the keyboards for learning simple tunes that will lead to the pleasure of making music. Playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star gives a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. Students may discover a desire to continue musical training after this experience. The $60 camp will take place in the mornings on July 17-20.

Drone Camp (rising 6th grade and up)

Participants will learn to fly a drone. They will be issued a drone kit and learn about the parts of a drone and how to safely handle it. They will learn about aviation history; and how hot air balloons, fixed wing airplanes and drones fly. Participants will fly a drone using a smartphone as the remote controller and learn how to code the drone to fly by itself. The camp will spend four days at Mattamuskeet School and use the gym for drone flying inside and–weather permitting– outside. On Friday, they will take a field trip to Inner Banks STEM Center in Washington, N.C. There participants will experience flying both a Desktop Flight Training Device and a full motion airplane flight simulator. This camp is made possible by the Inner Banks Stem Center. It costs $110, and it will take place from July 17-21.

Baby Sitting (rising 4th grade and up)

This camp is ideal for participants who are ready to take responsibility for young children. The camp will share important basics for babysitters. They will learn aspects of care giving, safety concerns, communication with kids and parents, activity ideas, household and food management, and even business basics. Participants will achieve an American Heart Association CPR certification. This $110 camp will take place during mornings from July 17 – 20.

Arts and Crafts and Cupcakes (age 5 and up)

This camp will have nature inspired crafts with projects to take home. Everyday has story time, and participants will decorate cupcakes with brightly colored icing. On the last day of class, they will make four kinds of ice cream. BCCC is collaborating with Hyde County/BHM Library to produce this camp. This $75 camp will take place from July 17-20.

CSI: Engelhard (rising 5th grade and up)

A crime has been committed. The scene is waiting for young detectives to investigate, gather evidence, and record observations. Investigator Natalie Voliva of the BCCC Police will lead participants as they employ scientific methods of investigation and interrogation. They will test for fingerprints, blood, and other evidence; properly manage the crime scene; and assemble the evidence for presentation. They will solve the case. This $60 program takes place July 17 & 18 in the afternoons.

Makeup, Hair, and Nails (rising 6th grade and up)

Participants will join Kim Moulden, BCCC’s lead instructor for cosmetology, to get great advice for teen aesthetics. They will learn to keep their skin clear and fresh by using proper hygiene, learn the right makeup skills to enhance their best features, explore hair styling basics for busy teens, and learn the best way to apply nail polish and keep healthy nails. Each participant will receive a lipstick applicator, eye shadow applicator, mascara applicator, makeup sponge, and a hairbrush. There are plenty of supplies for in-class practice, and students may bring their own makeup and hair tools. This $70 program will take place July 19 & 20.