Medical Laboratory Technology

The Medical Laboratory Technology curriculum prepares individuals to perform clinical laboratory procedures in chemistry, hematology, microbiology, and immunohematology that may be used in the maintenance of health and diagnosis/treatment of disease. Course work emphasizes mathematical and scientific concepts related to specimen collection, laboratory testing and procedures, quality assurance, and reporting/recording and interpreting findings involving tissues, blood, and body fluids. Graduates may be eligible to take examinations given by the Board of Registry of Medical Technologists of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists or the Certifying Agency. Employment opportunities include laboratories in hospitals, medical offices, industry, and research facilities

Non-Core Classes

The courses below are the non-core courses that students can take prior to enrolling in the MLT program. Please see course descriptions for pre-requisite course information.

Course Credit Hours
ACA 122 College Transfer Success (or ACA 111 or ACA 118) 1
*BIO 163 Basic Anatomy and Physiology (or BIO 163 & BIO 169) 5/8
CHM 130 Gen, Org, & Biochemistry 3
CHM 130A Gen, Org, & Biobhemistry Lab 1
ENG 111 Writing and Inquiry 3
ENG 112 Writing/Research in the Discipline (or ENG 114) 3
MAT 143 Quantitative Literacy ( Or MAT 152 or MAT 171) 3/4
MLT 110 Intro to MLT 3
PSY 150 General Psychology 3
Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3
Elective/Pick List 3/4

Additional Information

* Completed within the past 5 years. Students who have taken BIO 168/169 as part of an earned associate's degree (or higher) will have the 5 year timeline waived for the application.

Humanities/ Fine Arts Elective Options: ART 111, ART 114, ART 115, DRA 111, ENG 231, ENG 241, HUM 115, HUM 120, HUM 121, HUM 122, HUM 160, MUS 110, MUS 112, PHI 240, REL 110, REL 211, REL 212

Elective/ Pick List Options: BIO 111, CHM 151 (if not used as CHM requirement) or CIS 110.

Core Classes (Must Be Accepted Into Program to Enroll)

The classes below are the core classes for the MLT program. A student must be officially accepted into the program before taking these courses.

MLT 111 Urinalysis & Body Fluids 2
MLT 120 Hematology/Hemostasis I 4
MLT 125 Immunohematology I 5
MLT 130 Clinical Chemistry I 4
MLT 140 Intro to Microbiology 3
MLT 215 Professional Issues 1
MLT 240 Special Clin Microbiology 3
MLT 271 MLT Practicum III 1
MLT 283 MLT Practicum I 13

National Accreditation Information

The Beaufort County Community College Medical Laboratory Technology Program is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS), 5600 N. River Road, Suite 720, Rosemont, IL, 60018.

BCCC Medical Laboratory Technology Program Outcome Data