Allied Health Admissions Steps

Please see below for the admissions process to the Allied Health Programs.

Step 1

Complete residency determination and the general application to the college. On the general application, select the appropriate program of study (Pre- Medical Lab Tech, Pre-Practical Nursing, or Pre-RN (ADN).

Step 2

Submit an official copy of your high school or GED transcript and submit official transcripts from each college attended. Electronic copies may be sent from the institution to or delivered to the Admissions Office in an envelope sealed by the institution. Student copies of transcripts are not accepted as official.

Step 3

Make sure you meet all requirements for admission to our allied health programs by ensuring the following:

1. Demonstrate college readiness in both English and mathematics by meeting one, or a combination, of the following:

a. Graduated from any United States (U.S.) high school with an unweighted GPA of 2.8 or higher, in accordance with CoDE (Corequisite and Developmental Education) guidelines.

b. Completed (with the grade indicated) one of the following English courses: • DRE 098 (P) • BSP 4002 (P2) • ENG 002 (P2) • ENG 011 with ENG 11 (with a grade of C)

c. Completed (with the grade indicated) one of the following Math courses: • MAT 070 (C) • DMA 010 – DMA 050 (P) • BSP 4003 (P2) • MAT 003 (P2) • MAT 043 with MAT 143 (C) • MAT 071 with MAT 171 (C)

d. Completed or enrollment in one of the following: • ENG 111 (without ENG 011) or an equivalent College Composition course. • MAT 143, MAT 161, MAT 171 (without MAT 043 or MAT 071) or an equivalent algebraic College Math course.

e. Completed a College approved placement test (e.g., RISE, NC DAP, COMPASS, ASSET, SAT, ACT, or Accuplacer/CPT) and meet the minimum college readiness scores, as provided in the College Readiness Placement Test Scoring Table.

f. For English: Achieved ACT Reading 22+ or ACT English 18+, SAT Writing 500+ or SAT Critical Reading 500+ (Prior to March 2016), or SAT Evidence Based Reading 480+ (Beginning March 2016)

g. For Math: Achieved ACT Math 22+, SAT Math 500 (Prior to March 2016), or SAT Math 530 (Beginning March 2016)

h. GED Mastery score of 165 or higher on every section of the GED exam. To use GED scores for placement purposes, scores must be from 2014 – present.

i. Earned HiSET mastery score of 15 or higher on each section of the exam AND a 4 or higher on the essay portion. To use HiSET scores for placement purposes, scores must be from 2014 – present.

j. Earned an Associate’s degree or higher

2. A minimum GPA of 2.5 in the general education curriculum courses that have been completed (from all colleges). These courses are the general education courses specific to the program in which you are applying. In addition, a minimum grade of a "C" (2.0) is required in all general education curriculum courses that are specific to the program in which you are applying.

Step 5

Take the TEAS admission test. Please note, MLT applicants are not required to take the TEAS.

  • Nursing Program Entrance Exam Requirements: ADN, PN and LPN to RN Transition applicants must submit passing scores from either the TEAS test or the HESI to demonstrate evidence of academic readiness for the nursing programs. Minimum score requirements are as follows:
    • Assessment Technologies Institute Test of Essential Academic Skills Test (ATI TEAS): ADN, PN and LPN to RN Transition applicants must score a minimum composite (overall) score of 58.7%.BCCC offers onsite testing for the ATI TEAS. (See ATI TEAS Information here). Students have 2 attempts per calendar year to meet the required composite score. Once the minimum proficiency composite score is met, the scores are valid for 3 (three) consecutive years. LPN to RN transition students must also have a minimum ATI TEAS score of 58.7. However, LPN to RN transition applicant scores are valid for 10 consecutive years.
    • Health Education Systems, Inc (HESI): ADN and PN applicants with a minimum cumulative score of 75 on the HESI must provide an official HESI transcript as part of their nursing admissions packet. The HESI is not offered on BCCC campus.

      To order an official HESI transcript, please follow the directions found here. On the transcript request form, please use the following information for processing:

Beaufort County Community College
Attn: Allied Health Admissions Coordinator
5337 Hwy 264 East
Washington, N.C. 27889

**Please note, on campus testing at BCCC is only available for applicants who choose to take the ATI TEAS.

Step 6

Submit your Allied Health application by the application deadline.

**Please note, the application deadline for the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) and Practical Nursing (PN) programs has been extended to February 16, 2024. The application period for all other allied health programs remain as originally published.

LPN to RN transition application deadline is January 31, 2024.

MLT application deadline is June 1, 2024.

Step 7

Validate the successful submission of your application by email with Nicole Smith-Poulin at

Applications are reviewed and ranked for admission into the corresponding program, after the application deadline. Nursing program (ADN and PN) students are notified by email of their application status in early to mid April. LPN to RN transition students will be notified by email in mid to late February. MLT students are notified by email in mid to late June. The highest ranked students are selected for admission into the allied health programs where they must complete specific on-boarding requirements and further screening requirements. Students who are not among the top applicants are placed on an alternate list and contacted if space becomes available.