Before you submit this application, you MUST:

  1. Check with Admissions to make sure your general BCCC application and Residency number is active (252-940-6237).
  2. ONLY USE YOUR BCCC EMAIL ADDRESS (No personal email addresses).
  3. Submit all official transcripts and receive transfer credit. If you are currently taking pre-requisites, DO NOT submit this application until you have finished your spring classes, submitted the transcript, and received transfer credit. Please contact the Registrar’s office (252-940-6236) to check the status of your transfer credit.
  4. LPN to RN Transition applicants: You must have your employer fill out the work verification form, found on the main Allied Health Admissions page if you graduated from an LPN program more than 2 years ago. This form must be submitted with your application.
  5. LPN and ADN applicants MUST have passing TEAS test scores prior to submission of this application. LPN students must score a minimum of 60%, and ADN applicants must score a minimum of 67.5%. TEAS testing is not required for MLT, Readmits or Transition students.

**Deadline to apply for ADN and LPN programs has been extended to May 31st. MLT application deadline is July 15th.**