Phlebotomy Technician
Credential: Phlebotomist, American Society of Phlebotomy Technician
Certificate course consisting of theory, lab, and clinical experiences, which prepares the student to enter the medical field as a phlebotomist in various settings. Core course concept is instruction on how to safely and competently perform venipunctures. After successful completion of the course, student is encouraged to test for their certification as a phlebotomist.


High School diploma or equivalency and a Bronze Career Readiness certificate

Additional Costs:

  • Uniform-$105.00
  • Current immunizations-$100
  • Castle Branch-$130 (Background Check, Drug Testing, Immunizations) through Castle Branch
  • Textbook- $100 Books and prices are subject to change without notice.


  • Competently perform successful venipunctures in the lab setting
  • Course clinical hours Monday-Friday during hours of operation for clinical facility
  • Uniform: navy-blue scrub top and pewter-gray scrub pants to be worn daily while in lab and clinical. (scrub top and white mid-length lab coat embroidered with BCCC in royal blue) white closed-toe/heel shoe.
  • Clinical requirements such as drug screen, background check, and immunizations must be completed by the date noted on the student calendar or the student may be dropped from the program.
  • Immunization requirements: MMR, Flu, Varicella, 2 step TB skin test, Tdap, Hep B or Hep B declination/waiver, and Covid or Covid approved waiver from clinic site.

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Phlebotomy for Healthcare Workers
Course will provide theory and lab experiences needed for proper collection of blood and other specimens used for diagnostic testing. Upon completion, you should be able to safely perform procedures necessary for specimen collections on patients in various healthcare settings. No clinical required.
Prerequisite: Verification of current certification as a Nurse Aide, Medical Assistant, Registered or Practical Nurse, EMT
Requirements: Competently perform 20 successful venipunctures in the lab setting

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