Phlebotomy Technician
Credential: Phlebotomist, American Society of Phlebotomy Technician
Phlebotomy is the skill of drawing blood from patients in hospital and clinical settings. This class can count as Credit for Prior Learning toward an AAS in Medical Laboratory Technology. Textbook: Pearson Phlebotomy Handbook 10th Ed. ISBN – 9780134709321 eText: ISBN-13: 9780134720050 See Course prerequisites and requirements on the healthcare requirement chart.

Additional Costs:

  • Uniform-$105.00
  • Current immunizations-$100
  • Castle Branch-$130 (Background Check, Drug Testing, Immunizations) through Castle Branch
  • Textbook- $100 Books and prices are subject to change without notice.

In compliance with the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act, the following standards have been established. All students in the programs below are expected to meet certain essential technical standards for successfully completing all program phases and reflect industry requirements and standards. To verify the student's ability to perform these essential functions, students may be required to demonstrate the technical standards.
Phlebotomy Technician Technical Standards


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Phlebotomy for Healthcare Workers
Course will provide theory and lab experiences needed for proper collection of blood and other specimens used for diagnostic testing. Upon completion, you should be able to safely perform procedures necessary for specimen collections on patients in various healthcare settings. No clinical required.
Prerequisite: Verification of current certification as a Nurse Aide, Medical Assistant, Registered or Practical Nurse, EMT
Requirements: Competently perform 20 successful venipunctures in the lab setting

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