SMAW (Stick) Plate Welding
Credential: American Welding Society
This course introduces the shielded metal arc (stick) welding process. Emphasis is placed on padding, fillet, and groove welds in various positions with SMAW electrodes. Upon completion, students should be able to perform SMAW fillet and groove welds on carbon plate with prescribed electrodes. The textbook required for this course is the Good-Heart Wilcox Modern Welding textbook (ISBN 978-1-60525-795-2). Students can request to take the American Welding Society test upon successful completion of the class at a separate cost from the class fees.

6:00pm-8:30pm Mon & Tues Jan 7-May 7 Fee: $181.25
80 hrs Section #32813 BCCC Building 4, Room 107

Upon successful completion of the class requirements, students will have the ability to schedule an American Welding Society (AWS) exam.

Professional Welders Kit is needed for the class. Kit includes auto darkening helmet, green welding jacket, welding gloves, drivers gloves, clear safety glasses, chipping hammer, tape measure, tip cleaner, sparklighter, long handle brush, soapstone holder, shade 5 safety glasses, mig pliers, and 4 1/4 inch grinder. Pre-assembled kits can be found at local distributors such as ARC3 Gases in Greenville, NC ($225). Students will learn within class how to utilize each of these tools properly for students to gain a better understanding of welding properly within an industrial setting. Contact ARC3 Gases in Greenville, NC to purchase a kit before class at (252) 752-3089 or at 1833 Progress Road, Greenville, NC 27834.

NOTE: Kits can be returned if class is canceled due to low enrollment only if the kit has not been opened or damaged.

For more information or to register, please contact:
Continuing Education Registration & Records Clerk
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