Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning offers invaluable benefits to BCCC students, bridging the gap between classroom education and practical application. Through our WBL program, students can acquire hands-on experience directly relevant to their chosen fields. This approach not only enhances understanding of theoretical concepts but also equips students with real-world skills, bolstering confidence and employability. By engaging in this dynamic learning model, community college students can:

  • Graduate with both a certification and job experience
  • Gain career-specific skills for your future job
  • Develop a professional network within the industry of your program of study
  • Potential to secure job offers and professional references
  • Develop job search skills like resume building, interviewing techniques, and networking

Prerequisite Requirements:

Students must have successfully completed a 96+ contact hour continuing education class that leads to attaining an industry or state-recognized credential. Upon successful completion of the class, students may apply to enter a WBL class in the same program of study.

How to Enroll:

Contact our Continuing Education WBL Coordinator, Mr. Casey Langley, at (252) 940-6307 or email There are no application deadlines. WBL is an open-entry program and can be entered at any time.

General Information:

Required hours are 100+ contact hours and are set by the WBL Coordinator, employer, and student. This is a pass/fail course based on your completion of the necessary documentation and work hours.

Job Placement Requirement:

Students are responsible for securing a job placement that relates to their program of study before the start of the course. If the student needs assistance, they must promptly make that request to their instructor or the WBL Coordinator.

Click to Access the BCCC Work-Based Learning Procedural Handbook

Ready to Apply? Contact our Continuing Education WBL Coordinator, Mr. Casey Langley, at (252) 940-6307 or email TODAY!